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Whale Watching Adventure

Our Whale Watching Adventure leaves you little time for a dull moment! Once you’re aboard our comfortable boat, our captain and naturalist lead the way on an unforgettable search for whales around Juneau.
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Alaskan Tails & Legs

With whales first and a hot king crab meal after, you're getting the best of Juneau!
An Exclusive Taste Of Alaska!

Whale Tails & Ales

Live like a local! This combo tour includes our Whale Watching Adventure and then an array of Alaska's finest frothy nectar - right at the source!
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Private Whale Watching Tour

This tour is an option for those who desire to have a private vessel and more individualized attention from the captain and naturalist while whale watching. We have smaller, more personal vessels that allow families and friends to gather together without the distractions of a larger group. In this setting, you may enjoy the privacy and ease that come with being with people you know. Our captain and naturalist welcome any questions you may have and are thrilled to share their knowledge about the area and remarkable Alaskan wildlife. Call to Book! 1-800-719-3422